Join an Alzheimer's Congressional Team

By joining with thousands of Alzheimer's advocates nationwide you've lent momentum to our shared vision of a world without Alzheimer's. Thank you!

The Alzheimer's Ambassadors program harnesses that momentum to develop deep, one-to-one relationships with each member of Congress.

And, it's working! With an Ambassador in every Congressional district, we've passed critical legislation and nearly tripled federal funding for Alzheimer's research in just a few years!

Our Ambassadors can't win this fight alone. They can't be everywhere at once, nor can they match the stories, relationships and skills of a diverse team. So they're looking for a few good team members like YOU!

When you join an Alzheimer's Congressional Team (ACT), we can train you to support Alzheimer's Association advocacy efforts in a wide variety of ways, some of which take just an hour or two every few months. Whatever your experience and availability, odds are there's a place for you on an Alzheimer's Congressional Team!

Meet with elected officials | Lend your voice in district offices, state capitols and at the Advocacy Forum in D.C.
Raise awareness through local media | partner with chapter staff to draft letters to the editor and pitch stories.
Spark social media conversations | engage online, inspire novices, recruit new advocates and monitor legislator accounts to comment/tweet.
Coordinate events and volunteers | help Ambassadors recruit and mobilize volunteers, organize events and work with event committees.
Support the Alzheimer's Impact Movement | promote AIM membership. Engage with campaign staff, donors and events.
Call on your connections | lend your relationships with legislators and partner organizations to make calls at key moments.
Widen our reach | if you live outside your district's primary city, submit LTEs locally and help engage your rep's field staff.
Share your unique perspective as a... | (person with dementia, researcher, young person, etc). Please specify below.