With Alzheimer’s, it is not just those living with the disease who are impacted. It’s also their caregivers – a job that usually falls on family and friends. It is because of this, the Alzheimer’s Association has a 24/7 helpline to provide reliable information and support to all those who need assistance navigating the challenges of Alzheimer’s. And, it is why AIM and the Association supports legislation that can have a meaningful impact on caregivers.

Our Call to Congress

As Congress continues its work, AIM and the Alzheimer’s Association will prioritize policies that work to improve support for the Alzheimer’s caregiver community, and we will need your support to encourage Congress to act.

Join Alzheimer’s advocates from across the country in Washington to learn about our new policy priorities and help urge Congress to act. Learn more at

Legislation We Support

The following bills are supported by AIM in the 116th Congress.