Washington, D.C., October 26, 2022 – Joanne Pike, DrPH, current president of the Alzheimer’s Association, will become the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement (AIM) in January 2023. This decision by the AIM Board of Directors comes following the Association’s decision to name Dr. Pike as the next chief executive officer of the Alzheimer’s Association. Dr. Pike succeeds Harry Johns, who served as the Association’s CEO since 2005 and as AIM’s president and CEO since 2010.

“On behalf of the AIM Board of Directors and our nationwide network of volunteer advocates, the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement warmly welcomes Dr. Pike as our next chief executive officer,” said Evan Thompson, Chair, AIM Board of Directors. “During this pivotal phase in Alzheimer’s and dementia research, Dr. Pike will lead our work to ensure access to FDA-approved treatments, and critical care and support to improve everyday life for millions of people, caregivers and families. I also want to extend my deepest appreciation for Harry’s vision and leadership which has led our movement to this moment. The impact of Harry's efforts on behalf of our cause has been immense.”

Under Johns’ leadership, AIM and the Association made addressing Alzheimer’s a bipartisan policy priority. Dr. Pike’s 25 years of experience as an innovative leader in public health positions her well to lead AIM in its work to advance state and federal policies to address the growing Alzheimer’s public health crisis. Under her leadership, AIM will advance the policy priorities that will have the most impact on those facing Alzheimer’s and all other dementia, including federal research funding and legislation like the Comprehensive Care for Alzheimer’s Act that will improve the quality and delivery of care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and all other dementia. 

“The Alzheimer’s Association, AIM and our tireless advocates have strengthened the federal government’s commitment to Alzheimer’s research, helping to secure more than $3.5 billion annually for Alzheimer’s research funding,” said Johns, current AIM and Alzheimer’s Association CEO. “With the elevation of Dr. Pike to chief executive officer, I am confident AIM will keep building on this commitment to research and we will end Alzheimer’s and all other dementia.” 

Dr. Pike will take the helm of AIM and the Alzheimer’s Association at a time of great progress in research, including a robust treatment pipeline. Last month, we saw the most encouraging results in clinical trials treating the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s to date. 

“Having collaborated extensively with Joanne during the past 6 years, I have witnessed her steadfast commitment to all elements of our mission, and to all of the people that mission supports. She is dedicated to changing outcomes for the more than 6 million people living with Alzheimer’s in America today, their 11 million unpaid caregivers, and to advances that will create risk reduction and treatment opportunities for everyone in the future,” added Johns.

Since joining the Alzheimer’s Association in 2016, and serving now as president, Dr. Pike has had responsibilities that include the Association’s global efforts to accelerate research; enhance care and support; advance public policy; strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion; increase concern and awareness, and grow revenue. Previously, Dr. Pike served as chief strategy officer of the Association, guiding the implementation of the strategic plan throughout the organization. Earlier she was the Association's chief program officer, responsible for care and support services for those facing the disease; outreach aimed at creating partnerships with health systems, physicians, and other health care professionals; long-term care initiatives focused on person-centered care delivery models; and, growth strategies to reach more individuals through quality improvement, education, and support programs and services. Dr. Pike is also a member of AIM Leadership Society, which works to accelerate AIM’s policy priorities by ensuring AIM has the resources to build relationships with congressional leaders, elevate the voices of all Alzheimer’s advocates and make certain our leaders take action.

“As we enter a time of great progress in research and treatment, it will be an honor to lead the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement during this new phase,” said Dr. Pike. “With more potential treatments for Alzheimer’s in the pipeline than at any point in history, the next few years hold incredible promise. I am deeply grateful for Harry’s unwavering leadership and all that he accomplished during his tenure over the past 17 years. I will remain dedicated to our shared commitment: achieving our vision of a world without Alzheimer’s and all other dementia.”

Before joining the Association, Dr. Pike spent 13 years in leadership positions at the American Cancer Society and three years as the executive director of the Preventive Health Partnership, leading a collaboration between the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association to prevent and promote early detection of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. 

Dr. Pike earned her doctorate in public health leadership, focused on health policy and management, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has a master’s degree in community counseling from St. Mary’s University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Portland.  


Alzheimer’s Impact Movement

The Alzheimer’s Impact Movement (AIM) is a separately incorporated advocacy affiliate of the Alzheimer’s Association. AIM works to develop and advance policies to overcome Alzheimer’s disease through increased investment in research, enhanced care and improved support. For more information, visit alzimpact.org.