Leadership Society Members are Driving Action

Leadership Society Members are Driving Action

The Alzheimer’s Impact Movement (AIM) Leadership Society is transforming the fight against Alzheimer’s in Washington, D.C. Through the generous use of their time, resources and voices, members of the Leadership Society are ensuring AIM has the capability to build relationships with select congressional leaders, elevate the voices of all Alzheimer’s advocates and make certain our leaders take action.

Supporting AIM

Leadership Society members make direct contributions to AIM to accelerate policy priorities.

Supporting Champions

Leadership Society members support bipartisan allies in the fight to keep them in office, fighting for our mission.


AIMPAC supports bipartisan congressional champions in office, ensuring future policy victories in Washington.

Become an AIM Leadership Society Member!

Take the next step in your Alzheimer’s advocacy and philanthropy by joining the AIM Leadership Society. For more information including member benefits contact: Amy Newman at [email protected] or submit a request below.

Minoo J., Florida

The Leadership Society is a forum that will support the cause through interaction with the policymakers. And the first thing about it that I like a lot is that it's purple. It’s not Democrat. It’s not Republican. It’s a cause that doesn't matter your political preference, it’s something we can all get behind.

—Minoo J., Florida, Leadership Society

AIM Leadership Society Members


We thank each of our Leadership Society members for their partnership and support.

Leadership Council — $50,000+

  • Joe Ryan, MN
  • Susan & William Thomas, OK
  • Jill & Robert Thomas, OK
  • Evan Thompson, CA

Chairman’s Circle — $25,000+

  • Dr. Stephaine Buffaloe, AL
  • Julie & Dan Jaworski, FL
  • Debbie & Clay Jones, FL
  • Jackie Kouri & Gary Paxton, CA
  • Lea & Steve Osgood, FL
  • Dr. Joanne Pike & Brad O'Kelley, TX
  • Debbie Goodstein Rosenfeld & Zachary Rosenfeld, NY

Capitol Club — $10,000+



  • Crystal & John Beuerlein, MO
  • Matt Buchanan, OK
  • Tim Buchanan, OK
  • Dr. Maria Carrillo & Miguel Pachicano, IL
  • Connie & Jeff Cope, OK
  • Fred Dorwart, OK
  • Wendy Drummond, OK
  • Bob Easter, IL
  • Leslie & Robert Egge, VA
  • Tamera & Jeff Foster, FL
  • Judy & Matt Furman, NY
  • Wendy & Chuck Garrett, OK
  • Cheryl Gross, CA
  • Chris Gruenfeld, WA
  • Judy & Michael Harrington, IN
  • Curtis Harrison, MI
  • Fayenelle & Jay Helm, OK
  • Maria & Geoff Heredia, CA
  • Louis Holland, Jr., IL
  • Marianne & Dick Kipper, CO
  • Cindy Langenfeld & Harry Johns, FL
  • Leslie Lawson, OK
  • Debbie & Jay Levin, GA
  • Bob Marino, PA
  • Faith & Glenn Parker, MA
  • Jody Parker, OK
  • Donna Petkanics & Jay Gerstenschlager, CA
  • Leigh and John Reaves, OK
  • Christina & Brian Richardson, OH
  • Pippy Rogers, GA
  • Phyllis Kitchens Thurmond and Dr. Earl Thurmond, GA
  • Valerie Toler, RN and the family of Burl A. Toler Sr., CA
  • Linda & John Tracy, MO
  • Tenny Tsai, CA
  • Joanne & Alan Vidinsky, CA
  • Julia Wallace & Don Campbell, AZ
  • Nancy & Bart Westcott, CA
  • Eugenia Zukerman & Richard Novik, NY

Team 2025 — $5,000+




  • Nancy Carmody Allport, PA
  • Mary Barnes, OK
  • Bruce Baude, IN
  • Ali Bourque, IL
  • Dean Brenner, DC
  • Jane Cahn, NY
  • Cathy Cash, CA
  • Kenann Cassidy, FL
  • Jeannie Castells, NJ
  • Rachel Conant, VA
  • Javier de Anda, TX
  • Dr. Michael Devous, Sr., NM
  • Jack Faer, MA
  • Ray Ferrara, FL
  • Kristina Fransel, PA
  • Scott Gardner, AZ
  • Ruth Gay, CA
  • Larry Gentry, AZ
  • Pat Grubb, CA
  • Phil Gutis & Tim Weaver, PA
  • Tracy Hayes, FL
  • Dani Jachino, IL
  • Minoo Javanmardian, FL
  • Carole Anne Jaworski, FL
  • Jean Morse Jones & David Jones, MA
  • Patricia Krenos, AZ
  • Jeanne Krieger, MA
  • Sarah Lorance, CO
  • Herb Magley, OK
  • Dr. Bronwyn L. Martin, PA
  • Marja Lasek-Martin, OH
  • Shauna McGee, CA
  • Donna McCullough, IL
  • Stuart McLeod, MA
  • Tina Melo, TX
  • Rocky Miskelly, MS
  • Steve Moffitt, NY
  • Hector Montesino & Ron Ardizzone, MA
  • Gannon Murphy, GA
  • Patricia Murphy, CA
  • Patricia A. Nauseda, OH
  • Jill Norcross, TN
  • Sally Oelschlager Vulich, NV & Skip Orlady, MN
  • Deb Pierson, PA
  • Donna Poole, MD
  • Barbara Pryor, IL
  • Marcia Rauwerdink, MO
  • Michael Reich, FL
  • Diane Riccio, CA
  • Randy Salisbury, GA
  • Nitesh Sharan, WA
  • Elizabeth Shih, CA
  • David Solomon, IL
  • Raul Staggs, CA
  • John Strader, FL
  • Mary Thompson, NC
  • Michael Tobin, CT
  • Alex Tsao, CA
  • Derek van Amerongen, OH
  • Eric VanVlymen, OH
  • Sally Van Why, PA
  • George Walz, NY
  • Steve Waterhouse, FL
  • Ron Wheeler, FL
  • Dr. Alexander White, FL
  • Charles Wilcox, Ph.D., CA
  • Russell Wing, WA
  • Adam Winter, OH
  • Sue Wronsky, MD
Ryann Peyton

Advocacy is wonderful, being able to write the check to bring the resources and credibility to that advocacy is even better.

—Ryann P., Colorado