The COVID-19 pandemic forced many state legislative sessions to adjourn early or shift their policy focus to managing the state’s response to the crisis. But the pandemic has also demonstrated the important work of state governments and public health departments. In 2019, due to the work of our advocates, state governments appropriated more than $135 million in Alzheimer’s-specific funding and enacted laws that are improving the lives of their constituents impacted by Alzheimer’s and other dementia. 

Historically, we celebrate our nationwide state successes when we gather together in Washington, D.C. for the AIM Advocacy Forum, and we didn’t want this celebration to go unrecognized this year. We had another tremendous year of state policy successes made possible because of our amazing volunteers. AIM advocates rallied state governments to expand access to care and support services, increase early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, fund Alzheimer’s research, enhance the dementia care workforce, continue the robust implementation of state Alzheimer’s plans, and much more.

Watch a special virtual Roll Call of the States to celebrate the amazing work of AIM advocates across the nation.