Following last night's action Thursday morning at the Wisconsin delegation breakfast – the nation’s Alzheimer’s disease crisis was on the agenda. At the event, AIM presented its 2016 State Trailblazer Award to Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Gov. Walker was selected for this award in recognition of his leadership in supporting the Wisconsin State Alzheimer's Plan and his efforts to ensure that Wisconsin is a dementia friendly state. During the 2016 GOP presidential primary AIM advocates in Iowa and New Hampshire had several conversations with the governor where he stated his support for more research funding and better services for families living with Alzheimer’s disease.

The AIM award was presented to Gov. Walker by Wisconsin state Senator Alberta Darling who’s been a champion for Alzheimer’s advocates during her 26 years in the state legislature. (AIM will also present the State Trailblazer Award to Gov. Jack Markell (DE) at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA.)


Following the AIM award presentation Republican National Committee Chairman and Wisconsin native, Reince Priebus, stopped by the delegation breakfast. He thanked both Gov. Walker and House Speaker Paul Ryan for their leadership and spoke to the audience of GOP unity in the general election.

Cleveland has been an incredible host city and an obvious choice for either party to hold their convention. Winning Ohio and its 18 electoral votes are key to taking the White House and Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County might be the most critical area of this important state.

It’s been a fascinating week here and reassuring to see the issue of Alzheimer’s front and center with so many elected officials from across the country. Next week we’ll be reporting from Philadelphia and hope you’ll continue to tune in.

John Funderburk is the Finance Director of the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement.