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John Funderburk

Vice President of Advocacy, AIM

During the 2016 election, a record 139 million Americans voted, but this record number represented just 55% of eligible voters. What's more, voter turnout is historically even lower during midterm elections. But voting is fundamental to our democracy and critical to ensure we elect leaders committed to keeping Alzheimer's a national priority.

As an engaged member of the Alzheimer's Impact Movement and an advocate in the fight to end Alzheimer's, you're likely engaged in the political process and plan to vote on November 6, but have you made a plan for election day? Have you considered voting early this year? And, what about your friends and family?

Here are some tips to make sure you're ready to go before November 6 and some ways you can encourage others to vote:

  1. Make sure your registration status is up-to-date before you head to the polls. Check your status here.
  2. Make a plan to vote. What time of day will you vote? Where is your polling place? How will you get there? Is anyone going with you?
  3. Encourage others to vote. Ask your family, friends and neighbors if they're registered to vote, and if not share resources with them so they know how. If they're registered ask them if they have a plan to vote.
  4. After you vote, rock that sticker as a reminder to everyone who sees it that it is election day.

And, remember  - early voting is becoming more available across the country. As of January, 34 states plus D.C. have no-excuse, early voting. Learn more about early voting in your state here. When you vote and encourage others to vote, we can multiply our voices and continue to make an impact on Alzheimer's policy.

For more information about the 2018 election and resources to engage candidates in discussion about Alzheimer's check out our election action center at