Presidential Debate - Ask for Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's disease continues to be a rising issue in the 2016 election thanks to the tireless work of advocates across the nation. From coffee shops in Iowa to community town halls in New Hampshire to the parties' primary debates, advocates have raised awareness about the Alzheimer's public health crisis in our nation with all of the presidential candidates. Now AIM and the Alzheimer’s Association are joining together in a nonpartisan effort to have an Alzheimer's question asked at the upcoming presidential debate on October 9. The moderators of the debate have agreed to consider the most popular questions submitted through The Open Debate Coalition. AIM member and California advocate, Karen Stevenson, recently submitted the question: "What's your plan to tackle the large public health crisis: Alzheimer's disease?" Because of Karen's action, you now have an opportunity to shape the next presidential debate. Please take a minute and click on this link to vote for Karen's Alzheimer's question. After you've chosen her question please share the link with your friends, family, and colleagues! We want to drive as many people as possible to this exciting opportunity.

AIM is committed to making Alzheimer's disease a top priority for both the Trump/Pence and Clinton/Kaine campaigns. But we need your help. Use this special opportunity to lift your voice. Help ensure the presidential candidates are asked about share their plans to fight Alzheimer's disease. I guarantee it's the easiest way you can help end Alzheimer's today!

John Funderburk is the Finance Director of the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement.