The second day of the 2016 GOP convention was another exciting day in the convention hall as Republicans officially nominated Donald J. Trump to be their nominee. The event was a family affair with his son, Donald Trump Jr., announcing New York’s 89 delegates for his father, and officially putting Mr. Trump over the top of the needed 1,237 delegates.

John with Nu Wexler, Twitter Director of Communications (right), and Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) who’s been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease (center).

Media from around the world comes to these conventions to cover the process from all angles. This year social media is dominating how news from the convention hall is pushed out to the world and consumed. Twitter has set up their headquarters, called #TwitterDistrict, by the convention hall with a ‘hangout pad’ for media, elected officials and staff like me. It’s a great place to tweet out the latest convention news, recharge one’s phone, and pick up convention gossip.

On Tuesday afternoon I had the opportunity to attend a screening of the Glen Campbell documentary “I’ll Be Me." It’s a powerful piece about the impact Alzheimer’s disease is having on one of the greatest musicians of our time. Following the screening, two of Campbell’s children performed a short set of his songs. The audience was moved to tears by both the documentary and his children’s powerful testimony about the toll Alzheimer’s is taking their dad. Ashley Campbell made an eloquent plea for lawmakers in attendance to do more to fight Alzheimer’s disease and challenged all of us to get involved. It was certainly a proud advocate moment for me. Stay tuned and more to come from Cleveland.


John Funderburk is the Finance Director of the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement.