Each night of the GOP convention has seen suspense on the floor, in one form or another, and Wednesday night was no different. Gov. Mike Pence (IN) accepted the GOP Vice Presidential nomination and gave a powerful speech to unite the party behind the Trump/Pence ticket. Former Speaker of the House, and Alzheimer’s champion, Newt Gingrich also made a passionate plea for Republicans to unite behind their ticket. However, the most exciting moments fell around Senator Ted Cruz’s speech where he failed to endorse Donald Trump. Senator Cruz was roundly booed by delegates throughout the convention hall as he ended his speech, and the story has dominated the media cycle ever since.

But the Trump family will try to get the attention back on the issues they care about tonight. In the final night of the GOP Convention, Mr. Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka will make her case for why her father is the right man to lead the country and formally introduce him for his acceptance speech. Never one for convention, Mr. Trump has strayed from tradition and already addressed the delegates a few times this week. Still, tonight after Ivanka introduces him, this will be Mr. Trump’s chance to formally address the delegates (and the world watching at home) and set the tone for his general election campaign.


Following three nights of distractions, tonight all eyes will be on Mr. Trump.

At least until tomorrow, when it is expected that Secretary Clinton will announce her nominee for Vice President.

John Funderburk is the Finance Director of the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement.