Nevada State Alzheimer’s Plan Overview 


The Nevada legislature passed Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 10 in 2011, creating the Legislative Committee on Health Cares Task Force to Develop a State Plan to Address Alzheimers Disease. The Committee included a state senator as chair as well as medical experts, advocates and other key stakeholders. After gathering public feedback, the State Plan to Address Alzheimers Disease was published in January 2013. The Task Force on Alzheimer's Disease was created within the Department of Health and Human Services with the passage of Assembly Bill 80 during the 2013 Legislative Session. The Task Force is responsible for implementing the State Plan.

Nevada 2022 Policy Priorities

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Increase Access to Early Diagnosis 

Only 50% of those living with Alzheimers disease receive a formal diagnosis. To better support Nevadans living with dementia and their families, the Alzheimer’s Association is urging legislators to establish the Nevada Memory Network (NMN). This system of care in Nevada will improve access to early and accurate diagnoses of Alzheimers disease and other dementia. The NMN will not only expand access to clinical diagnostic services, but serve as a training center for primary care providers. Once diagnosed through the NMN, participants will be supported by trained Care Team Navigators to connect participants and their caregivers with community resources and support implementation of their care plans.

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Strengthen Nevada’s Medicaid Program to Support Dementia Family Caregivers

While Nevada offers home- and community-based services (HCBS) through Medicaid, many people living with dementia may not be able to choose their caregiver. Nevada’s home and community-based waivers must be enhanced to allow payments to be made to family caregivers, including legally responsible individuals (LRIs). The Alzheimer’s Association is urging legislators to support legislation to strengthen Nevada's Medicaid program by streamlining the process to pay family caregivers and designate LRIs, including spouses, to be paid caregivers, and providing financial support for family caregivers, including Legally Responsible Individuals (LRIs).

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Strengthen Nevada’s Dementia Care Network

In Nevada, there are 48,000 family caregivers who provide an estimated 79 million hours of uncompensated care annually, yet many do not know where to turn when they have questions or need additional services or support. The Alzheimer’s Association is urging state policymakers to appropriate funds to establish Dementia Care Specialists across the state. The Dementia Care Specialists will provide families with dementia-specific case management, provide tips and support to caregivers, and improve care coordination and transitions. Further, they will be able to provide community education and mobilize dementia-specific community resources and support. These resources will help individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias throughout Nevada.

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people living with Alzheimer’s in Nevada


Nevadans are providing unpaid care

$203 Million

Medicaid cost of caring for people living with Alzheimer’s (2020)

79 Million

increase in Alzheimer’s deaths since 2000


in hospice with a primary diagnosis of dementia


increase of geriatricians in Nevada needed to meet the demand in 2050